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In the bottom example a mesh, it is still possible to use the Undo History the one you wish to.

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How to POLYGROUPIT for TOPOLOGY in Zbrush 2018 - 60 second tutorial
This function is very convenient to quickly mask a part which is composed of clean topology (such as that generated through ZRemesher) before applying a Gizmo. As you add lines and vertices when retopologizing a model, ZBrush looks for opportunities to automatically add connecting lines where you are likely to want. Efficient ZBrush topology involves ZSpheres for a base, ZRemesher for optimization, and brushes like Topology and ZModeler for control. Use.
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Furthermore, all those subtools which are convenient for working in Zbrush may not be efficient for someone who needs a more unibody mesh. Creating a surface for retopologizing your models. The mask will follow the topology, guided by the direction of cursor movement.