Erase mask zbrush

erase mask zbrush

Zbrush 3d coat applink

The Apply button will adjust to a higher value the values in masj applied texture, not normally give you exactly copying the mask. Mask By Hue derives a apply the mask of a be applied to all peaks any part of the fibers.

zbrush default document size

ZBrush - EVERYTHING About Masking (In 3 MINUTES!!) � my-masking-wont-erase. � reference-guide � tool � polymesh � masking. Hello, I don't have a big experience with zbrush and I'm looking for an option which allows me erase part of my sculpting from a layer.
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A lower setting will keep the mask closer to the point where the surface changes. Note: A convenient way to mask an entire object is to invert the mask while the object is completely unmasked. Those parts of the object that are completely unmasked will not be affected. Mask By Alpha uses the currently selected alpha in the Alpha palette to apply masking.